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Can you add a new requirement to the list, please?

Maybe! We want to make sure that our list of requirements can accurately describe everyone's needs. We also want it to be easy to use, and not overwhelming. Please use our suggestion form to submit a new idea. Thanks!

Do you ever share data with third parties/ other organisations?

When it comes to your personal data, like the information in your passport, rest assured that it's only shared when you choose to share it. You have full control and can revoke access to this data anytime you want.

Your anonymised data may be shared with organisations who have paid for an AXS portal and whom you have shared your data with. This data is used for anonymised reports to give organisations the data they need to drive institutional changes and plan equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Your data is never shared with any other third parties. Your privacy is our priority.

How do we make sure your data stays safe and private?

At AXS Passport, safeguarding your personal information is at the heart of everything we do. Every time we introduce a new feature, we make sure it's designed with your data protection in mind, ensuring we always do right by you.

To keep things in check, we have regular discussions and audits with our Data Protection Officer (DPO). They help us ensure that your data is in good hands.

We also go the extra mile by working with penetration testers who rigorously assess the security of our systems. This way, we stay ahead of potential threats.

Who has access to your data, specifically the data of passport holders?

Your data is under your control. You, as the passport holder, have complete authority over it. You can decide who gets to see it and who doesn't, whether it's individuals or organisations you trust.

Additionally, a small group of our top IT team members have access to the servers where AXS Passport operates. Their access is closely monitored and strictly controlled to ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Do we gather personal information, and, if so, how and where is it kept?

Yes, we do collect a significant amount of personal data within passports, much of which falls under the category of special data.

This information is gathered directly from passport holders, putting you in control of what you share.

All the data is securely stored within data centres right here in the UK. We take extra precautions by encrypting it both while it's in transit and when it's resting in our systems. Rest assured, your data never leaves these secure UK data centres, except for when you access it through our website or app.

Is AXS Passport accessible and compliant with global regulations?

Yes, AXS Passport is designed to be inclusive for users all over the world. We're committed to making it work seamlessly for everyone.

When it comes to data protection, the standards set by UK GDPR are stringent enough to align with global data protection laws. While there might be some additional steps to take for compliance with certain US laws, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, we're prepared to handle that when needed.

In our quest to be accessible globally, we're also working on translating the site into multiple languages, making it easier for users from diverse backgrounds to navigate and understand.

Your data will always remain within the secure confines of the UK, regardless of where you access AXS Passport from.

Data Protection

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We have a short survey that we'd really value your answers to. We take data protection really seriously, and we want to know what your opinions are too.