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If you're an organisation looking to enhance your understanding of your organisational diversity data and inclusion requirements, explore the AXS Passport organisational portal. Find out how the AXS Passport portal can meet your needs.

Organisational Portal Pricing

AXS Portal pricing relates to the number of admin users needed by your organisation.

An AXS portal admin user will benefit from:

  • Organisation-wide diversity data
  • A bespoke list of practical solutions to embed accessibility and inclusion
  • Calendar integrations to streamline inclusive practice in meetings and events
  • Tailored reporting

The number of portal admin users required varies based on your organisation's specific requirements, culture, and size.

Our standard offering to enjoy the unparalleled inclusion insights of the AXS portal is £499 (+VAT) per month for each admin user. However, we know that each organisation is unique and we're open to discussing personalised packages tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

We also provide a highly reduced rate for public and third-sector organisations, as well as other eligible SMEs.

Don't hesitate to reach out- let's explore how we can tailor the perfect solution to your needs.

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