AXS Bulletin

Exciting Updates to Our Requirements List!

We've got some fantastic news to share - we've given AXS Passport’s requirements a major makeover! 🎉

We've ramped up the number of requirements from 75 to a whopping 185, covering a much wider array of barriers. Not only that, but we've also fine-tuned the names and descriptions to make them clearer and more user-friendly.

So, what's changed? Well, quite a lot actually. We've overhauled a ton of text, merged similar requirements, and swapped out a few for bigger and better options.

Why did we make the updates?

December marked a year since we launched AXS Passport at our conference in 2022. In that time, we’ve introduced some super important new requirements due to feedback from our staff team and external users. But it was time to reflect on our listed requirements to ensure they were clear, consistent, and comprehensive.

We added a lot of new requirements, covering everything from personalised emergency evacuation plans to a fragrance-free policy.

We also noticed where some of our requirements mentioned the barriers but on the diagnosis or experience, which we wanted to update to fit with our mission of reducing barriers without focusing on diagnosis. 

For example, ‘menopause’ isn’t in itself a barrier; it’s the exclusionary barriers faced by people going through menopause that we need to address! So, we removed this requirement and replaced it with the specific adjustments, adaptations and practices that actually make an environment more menopause-inclusive (for example, desk fans, and flexible uniform policies).

Our end result is a list of requirements that’s bigger, more specific, and better works to create more inclusive environments for individuals and organisations.

Want the details?

If any requirements you selected have been given a makeover, you’ll have an email in your inbox letting you know! But, just in case (or if you’re just nosy), here’s a rundown of the updates:

1. Menopause:

We've replaced this requirement with more specific adjustments that focus on individual experiences and support needs rather than simply using a label. For instance, we now suggest items like desk fans.

2. Communicate via email:

This requirement has been swapped out for adjustments covering a broader range of communication preferences, such as a preference for slower, asynchronous communication styles.

3. Gender & LGBTQ+ health:

Similarly, we've updated this requirement to better address individual needs and support systems rather than just relying on labels. Now, we have specific provisions for things like needing time off for medical appointments.

4. Assigned seating:

This requirement has undergone significant changes. Previously, it mentioned ergonomic equipment, but now it includes provisions like wheelchair space.

5. Working from home:

We've given this requirement a major overhaul. It now specifically refers to full-time remote work, with a separate option for flexible or hybrid working.

6. BSL interpreter:

We've merged this requirement with 'Sign language interpretation' to cover more languages while still allowing space in the notes section to list specific languages.

7. Dietary requirements:

This requirement has been combined with 'Other dietary requirement'. We've now created 30 specific requirements for allergies and dietary needs. Check out the new list for more suitable options.

8. Keyboard rest:

We merged this requirement with 'Wrist pads' due to their similarity.

We're thrilled to unveil these updates, designed to make our requirements list even more comprehensive and user-friendly. Remember to review your passports and make any necessary adjustments to ensure we're meeting your needs effectively!

AXS Passport is a tool created by and for Disabled people. But this doesn’t mean it’s just for Disabled people; it’s a tool everyone can use to communicate their needs.

Create your own passport if you haven’t already, and explore the ways adjustments could support you.