AXS Passport: A digital tool for evidence-based inclusion

Streamline inclusion requirements and adjustments through a user-friendly digital platform.

Elevate your organisation’s inclusion strategy to new heights with a digital inclusion tool that enables individuals and equips your organisation with the insights to welcome diversity.

Create a passport

For individuals & organisations

You may be an individual looking for a way to share your access and inclusion needs without losing control of your personal data. You may be an organisation searching for a way to create an inclusive, welcoming and productive environment for everyone. Either way, AXS Passport is the answer.

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Create your passport

Always free, always owned by you.

  • Create and share via app or website
  • Free for individual users
  • Maintain control of your data
  • Flexible information-sharing
  • Multiple passports for sharing the right information in the right place
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Gain practical insights to guide your inclusion strategy.

  • Scalable, bespoke packages
  • View organisation-wide diversity data
  • Understand access needs
  • Integrate inclusion in your systems
  • A strategic to-do list for your accessibility, inclusion and equity provisions

Feel Belonging in Action with Your AXS Passport

AXS Passport enables you to share your needs and preferences quickly and effectively. Your AXS Passport will support you through different stages of your life, such as education, workplaces, healthcare, and social environments.

Sign up for free today and create your own passport to share your needs with anyone you think needs to know. Keep the power in your hands.

Put Belonging in Action with the AXS Organisational Portal

AXS Passport takes your organisation far beyond legal compliance. Demonstrate to staff, clients, customers and partners that you put inclusion first. 

The AXS Passport portal enables you to anticipate and arrange adjustments that ensure people know they are included, whatever their identity. 

Access adjustments data and create data-driven equity, diversity and inclusion strategies with AXS Passport.

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We demonstrate how the AXS Passport can be used within organisations to help communicate your own needs and remove barriers for your team.


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Logo reads: AbilityNet Tech4Good Awards Winner

Winners of AbilityNet's Tech4Good Awards, 2023

We are thrilled that AXS Passport won both the Workplace Inclusion and Winner of Winners categories of the Tech4Good Awards in June 2023!

Find out more about the awards.

Adam, a white man who is a wheelchair user, is sat on stage at a conference. He's speaking and smiling animatedly in front of the audience

"AXS Passport Makes Reasonable Adjustments Smart And User-Friendly"

Guy Lewis, Verdantix

Learn why Verdantix say "AXS Passport has the potential to start a revolution in data sharing for adjustment requirements".

Read Guy Lewis's article.

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User Testimonial

"I went through all my life being unaware of being autistic and the barriers I face until recently. The list of adjustments is enabling me to reflect on myself and will provide me with a list for when I apply for Access to Work, too. Thank you!"

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